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I've always liked photography, and for years used a number of Canon and Minolta film cameras. I sold the lot in 2003 and bought a Nikon Coolpix 4500, but soon decided that a digital SLR was what I really needed.

Since 2004 I've been through five Canon EOS bodies from a 20D to a 5D Mark III, and 20 lenses and extenders from 14mm to 500mm. Thank god for Ebay.

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Wood Sandpiper

I don't get to see many Wood Sandpipers; at Chew they're always timid and tucked away on the quiet parts of the lake shore. So a tame one on the flooded saltmarsh at Northwick Warth was an opportunity too good to miss, and after leading us around for a few hours, we eventually saw it at close range right next to the sea wall.

There's more on my Flickr page.


Dawlish airshow

Another fine day for the Dawlish airshow. Thousands of people up on the hill as well, I think this must be the best-attended year yet. There were even in the region of 200 boats in the bay.

Definite highlight in a thinner programme than last year was seeing the only two airworthy Lancasters in the world; the RAF plane, and the Canadian plane which was flown across for a tour of the UK this summer.

The whole set on Flickr.


The Balloon Fiesta

So. The Balloon Fiesta again. I decided to go to one of the night glows this year, it doesn't last too long and the crowds are pretty big, so I counted my self lucky to get the pictures that I did.

Generally the weather wasn't too brilliant, but the Saturday morning ascent took place in perfect sunny weather. I didn't really know where to go for photographs, but as I followed the balloons east, I noticed they were landing at Somerdale, so I drove in and was able to stand on the playing fields as the balloons landed. The picture of the Union Jack balloon might have been my favourite pic of the weekend, had I noticed them moving it behind me sooner. I grabbed the shot below as I turned round but I think it could have been so much better had I been able to get into a slightly different position.

The last few years of the balloon fiesta have had a few air displays, and although there were some scheduled this year (but no Red Arrows - booo), the weather wasn't particularly helpful.

As well as scuppering a few mass ascents, the Great War Display Team cancelled both days, which was annoying as I was hoping to get some decent shots from the Long Ashton naughty field. However the Typhoon display on Saturday afternoon was a beauty. Just 15 minutes before the start, a rain storm passed nearby and the skies were grey. I was preparing myself for yet another set of white-out Typhoon pics but it rapidly passed and the sky began to clear.

What luck then, blue sky and moist air. LOOK at those vortices!

There's a whole Flickr set of them here.

SUNDAY 27th JULY 2014

Alner's Gorse

My first visit to the Alner's Gorse Butterfly Conservation reserve to look for Brown Hairstreaks. Which I missed by about ten minutes. Still, I managed my best shots of Silver-washed Fritillary, including a valezina female:

SATURDAY 12th and SUNDAY 13th JULY 2014


I visited Rhymes Farm on Saturday and Sunday afternoon... the weather was quite changeable and rather than try to photograph everything I concentrated mostly on the fast jet displays.

As last year I thought the Italian Typhoon display was a lot more photogenic than the RAF one, although the weather at the time will have had something to do with it. I experimented with stacked extenders (2 x 1.4) on the 500mm with the Italian Typhoon and was surprised that the results weren't too bad.

The Fitter and Reds shots on the runway were taken through the fence.

There are a few more in this Flickr set.

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